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service engine soon light


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January 8, 2009
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2002 explorer xlt
hey guys, my service engine soon light is comming on my 2002 explorer xlt. a little background info 175k miles, 4x4 cm broken, and the check oil pressure light came on the other day before this but hasnt come back. i know i can get codes read from a dealer but i cant really afford seeing a stealership again i just got my 4x4 diagnosed last week and it cost me 135$. can i get the codes read cheaper somewhere else, can a general garage do it?

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ohh and its also due for an oil and filter change, could doing these things possibly alleviate the problem

if there is an auto zone near you they can scan it for free and print you out the codes and possible problems and solutions

service engine soon light and overdrive light

i am new to this forum which i have already found extremely useful, and was wondering if you can help me.
My service engine soon light is on, along with my overdrive light that keeps flashing on and off for duration of drive. Help!!!!!!!!!
thx ,charlie