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Service Plans?


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May 14, 2010
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Does anybody currently have service plan on a used vehicle? When I bought my 94 exp about 8 years ago I bought one from US Fidelis (who has gone belly up) and it saved my wallet a couple of times when the tranny died.
I'm considering it for my 99 mounty and was wondering if anyone else has used one and what was their experience with it? Thanks Hank.

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I never have used them, Its cool it helped you out. I have not heard to many people get use out of it.

How much did you pay in premiums total in the time you had it compared to the cost of the repairs?

If I remember right, At the time it was only a few hundred

I'd say you did good with a tranny repair then!

I had us fidelis on a 2002 envoy. and it was a waste of money. because my probs was electrical in nature. they said they would not cover it. but it was supposed to cover bumper to bumper. maybe if something engine and tranny wise went they would fix it but nothing else.

You have to read the fine print before you sign,there are a lot of exclusions.It might say bumper to bumper but it's a contract,with specific terms and exclusions.Buyer beware in other words.:D

Engine and tranny would be my biggest concern. I'm trying to narrow down my options to what or who's plans are available if I do make that investment.