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Servo Bore or more - 5r55W experts??


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August 29, 2001
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91 XLT, 02 XLS
02 (5r55W) with ~108K. since ~85-90K I notice some hesitation on 1-2 shift both up and down, occasionally when coming to stop I would notice a little 'bump', or seemed to start from stop in 2, and then down to 1 once accelerating.

About 2 weeks ago, driving ~75 in OD, took ramp to change interstates, and upon accel the OD light started flashing. Harder accel shifted down, and didn't notice any performance issue. Got to my destination, restarted car, light went off, and returned home without issue

This week, during moderate accel from stop it started hanging in 1, continues to rev until easing off gas, and then OD light starts to flash. Also seemed to have lost OD, or it may engage and immediately back to 4. And noticed if I lifted foot off completely trying to help OD engage, RPMs would drop completely ~1K. When manually shifted down to 3,2,1, while on off ramp ~20-30mph, the RPMs still did not increase, no engine braking.

From what I've read, first symptoms point to Servo bores, requiring either removing tranny to sleeve or the modified servos with Orings...

BUT, not sure about the no engine braking, could it also be a band?

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Could be, second and fifth share a band. Second gear is just first gear with the overdrive band applied.Those servos are what engage the bands though. Either way the trans needs to come apart I'm afraid...

Update: Drove around block this morning and there was some engine braking when starting from stop with shifter in 1. And when in D with very light foot, it did not shift from 1 till ~3200K, and not sure if it shifted to 2 or 3?

Think my best hope at this point is to adjust OD band to confirm not broken and investigate OD servo. OR just drop it off at shop and be willing to pay, don't have much time for wrenching with kids, :) unfortunately don't have alot funds either :(

Well, I tried adjusting the OD band, I'm betting its broke...

Stud had good 3-4 threads past locknut, locknut backed all the way back and not the slightest resistance, till lock nut bottoms, back off another 1/2-1 turn, nothing. wrench set to 120 in-lb.

Taking to shop in morning..

That sucks, too bad you went closer...

Took it for a drive and its better, 2nd shifts better and OD engages :scratch:

So its not broke :confused:

Turned in atleast 4-5 turns with no tension, backed out ~1, and locked with ~1 thread above locknut... :confused: