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SES Light+OBD scanner


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January 14, 2007
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2002 XLS
Hi all,

I have a 2002 Explorer XLS. The service engine soon light recently came on. I borrowed an OBD scanner from my Brother in law to check the codes. However, I don't know where the connection is. Can anyone tell me where I connect the scanner to? Better, yet link me to a picture? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :roll:

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Thanks! I found the outlet and obtained the Trouble Code: P0401 for the EGR valve. I did a little digging and found that Ford had issued a TSB 02M01 regarding this valve and something about an extension on the warranty. Of course I was never notified of this TSB! Anyway..does anyone know how long the TSB was for and If Ford will repair it at no cost..I know...I know...wishful thinking but a guy can dream can't he?!?!!?

Only For The Recall Not For A Tsb...

rockauto...i just bought one of these for my 2002

check i had a discount when i bought mine so i do not know..