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Seven Days Five Trails Who is up for it?

I swear I'll have some uploaded before the end of the millennium. Having to remember how to use technology lol. Need photo bucket, download app. Forgot password, forgot the emails password too. Lol. Now uploading a few to photo bucket. Should have some In a minute or three.

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Alright let's see if this works.


The last one was taken today. After my newly put together packs were installed

This snow photo is what it sat at before the springs for redone. Huge difference. Maybe like 3" more lift.

We are roughly three and a half months away from this trip. The first local 4wd club poker run is in two weeks. Bald Mountain is supposed to open June1. Followed by Mirror, Red, Coyote, West, and Strawberry on June 15th. Hopefully the snow melts off quick so the trails can open as scheduled.

Trying to get a head/ vehicle count of this run. I have myself and one to three local rigs that will be making the trip. So far I have the following that have expressed interest in making the run. Let me know if you are in, maybe, or out. @Rick @BKennedy @tdavis @josh40601 @Stic-o @R.J. @sicaz66 @exploregon94 @Brian1

If you have friends that you invited that have built rigs as well that are attending please let me know.

I will not be able to make it :(

I am a definite maybe. Probably with Mike Kelley and his green Jeep.

At this point, no.... but if you wanna stop by the new house to work let me know:thumbsup: :hammer:

I'm out gents.

my rig is too small. Plus I probably won't have a winch or front locker by then.

I'd love to, but I will probably be in Omaha, NE during this time to help my mother get out of the her house.

So far Bald Mountain is the only trail open. Brewer, Red, Coyote, Mirror, and Strawberry were all suppose to open last week. Not sure on when they will open now. The only bright thing about the massive heatwave hitting the area right now is it will speed up the snow melt and hopefully get the trails open soon. I am slightly concerned that Dusy might be a stretch to be open when we are scheduled to run the trail. It will depend on how many trees are down on the trail and there is a log bridge across a field that may be in need of severe repair. I hope that is not the case. If it is not open I am thinking we will run all the other trails just at a slower pace or run the trails in reverse order with the hope a few extra days will get Dusy open. We will play it by ear. I am heading to Bald Mountain trail this weekend for the Moonlight Madness Poker run.

In a surprise turn of events, I'm in! (sort of...)

I think our plan is to run Swamp the 29th followed by Dusy later in the week through Sunday and hit the road Monday. I'm sure we will cross paths. I had forgotten about the dates of this trip and when I just looked them up it is the same week I'm planning to be there with Harry and maybe a few others.

Currently Dusy and Coyote are not open. I think Coyote should be opening in a week or two. What I am hearing on Dusy is not sounding to good. Pending the trail openings or closings we may end up on the trails the same days as you. Are you bringing your rig or are you riding with Harry?

It would be good to run into you on the trail.

Matt, since we are going to be camping on some remote lakes, lets talk trout fishing. What type of pole and reel, bait, crank bait, etc., do you use?

Cooking techniques?

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I usually use either rooster tails or powerbait. Both I have had success with. In the past I had a 5 piece pole and cheap little reel I have used. Now I have upgraded to a 6 foot two piece pole and a $40 reel. We will see how I do. The biggest fish I have pulled from Mirror lake. Anything over 12" is a good catch. We have pulled a few 16" fish. As far as cooking, I usually just toss them back as none of my family is big on eating them. Bring your best recipe and we will give it a shot. I know my friend Mike that is coming enjoys doing some fishing as well.

I am heading to Red Lake tomorrow for a day trip.