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Severe CV/Front Diffy Binding


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November 4, 2002
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97 Mountaineer V8 4x4
Last week when I had my front driveshaft out, I found out that when I tried to rotate my driver's side tire, I had a severe binding in the CV halfshaft or inside the front differential. The passenger side turns smoothly.

I just finnished replacing the driver's side CV joint with a reman unit, and am getting the same binding. The wheel "jams" every 1/4 turn.

Could something be funky inside the diff? If so, what? Or is this just normal? When I rotate the pinion, the passenger side wheel moves fine, but I get zero movement from the driver's side.

The fluid level was fine (changed less than a year ago), but while I was in there, I pumped out the old fluid and replaced with Mobil 1 synthetic.

Any Thoughts?

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Was there any metal shavings or anything in the fluid?

Fluid seemed fine, but it was pumped out, not drained.

Was the front suspension hanging when you tried to turn the wheel, or did you support the truck by the a-arms? I've noticed on several Explorers that when the suspension is left to droop fully (especially with longer shocks), that it will reach a point where it binds up quite a bit.

wheel bearings... nobody said wheel bearings.. that's my guess! :confused:

New wheel bearing less than a year ago, and the wheel hub turned freely with no CV installed...

The suspention was at full droop, only limited by the shock. However, the pass side had zero binding.

try doing the same by jacking it from the stock jack hook on the CA.

The only thing that causes binding is the CV itself, unless there is something internally in the axle, which is unlikely. I just say replace the CV.