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Sh*@ty Gas Mileage


October 13, 1999
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I have stock 94 explorer XLT 4.0 auto tranny and lately ive only been getting about 250 to 270 miles per tank......Ive gotten ive gotten almost 100 more than that if im remembering correctly. Anybody know what might be causing this

Also sometime when I start it. It acts like its only running on 4 or 5 cylinders .... but after reving it once or twice it usally levels out and idles correctly.

Ok one last thing...Where is the temp guage supposed to run. Mine just barley touched the N on the word Normal...They said it was the thermostat and replaced it and it still runs in the same spot. ive heard that if you engine isnt running at the right temp that will or can affect performance

I appreciate any information.....I love my explorer but Im new to ford's and don't know all their secrets yet

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Concerning your fuel economy, according to what I have seen posted here, first thing to check is the MAF sensor. It is located just past the air filter as you go toward the throttle body. They have a couple of tiny wires inside that are used as air flow sensors and can get a build-up and start malfunctioning. You can do a search on the subject for instructions on how to clean it. Just make sure to reset the computer after cleaning it.

As for the thermostat, I just replaced mine over the weekend. Before, I was getting a reading just like you...right on the N. I put a new thermostat in from Autozone and it is one of their performance stats. I got one that is 192 degrees according to the package. The one that I pulled out of it was a 195. Now, my guage will read between the N and O, go up to R/M and drop back to N/O and repeat the cycle over again. Hopefully you did install the 192/195 thermostat as this is what is required for the engine to perform correctly with the computer.

As for running on 4 or 5 cyls when you first start up, what kind of condition are your plugs/plug wires in? That could be your problem.

Good luck.


91 XLT 4x4

I have a 92 EB with 125k on the truck and the temp guage has always been like that. I just did a tune-up on mine and some up grades and I get 300 on a tank.

Hey guys thanks for the info.....I checked my plugs yesterday and they are fine.(man those things are hard to get at) they are all fine and as for the Thermostat it was repalced by the dealer.....short warenty..
Ill check the MAF tonight and let ya know

Well, I have a 93 XLT with only 72,000 miles on it, and I am only getting 200 or so miles per tank. Yes, I just installed a set of Jacobs wires and Bsoch Platinum +4's, and haven't seen any noticable increase in mileage, although the engine performance feels a little stronger......I'm getting really tired of having to stop and get gas every few days......


Only 250 miles a tank? I'd love to get that! I just put 30in tires on for winter and it went down to about 230 mi. Before I averaged around 260. Would changing/cleaning the MAS help improve the mileage that much? I already put new wires/plugs on. How about new O2 sensors, those bosch ones claim 10% increase, anybody tried them?

If you didn't have your speedo recalibrated then you're actually getting better mileage than you think because of the larger tires.

If you didn't have your speedo recalibrated then you're actually getting better mileage than you think because of the larger tires. You're also going slightly faster too.

Hey Ryan, I just got a new O2 sensor for my 91 sport, things started to run better, and my gas milage did improve. Try picking one up at autozone for 40 bucks. Dont go to Advance Auto Parts, they will give you the wrong one.

For poor fuel economy, the first thing you should always get is O2 sensors (there are 2). As per guidelines, they are only good for about 70,000 miles + or -. They will start to deteriorate after this...... and will only get worse. It sounds like yours are so bad that your computer is going into limp mode at start up. This will give the running on 4-5 cylinder effect. Once the O2's heat up, they work...... somewhat. While you are doing maint., cleaning the throttle body and air bypass..... as well as the MAF would not be a bad idea. Your truck will love you. Contrary to popular belief, MAF sensors rarely go bad. Oh, not just my opinion, my significant other owns an auto repair shop.

Ryan-Also you might want to check your fuel pressure regulator. If its pressure is more than 32psi I believe, it might be causing your engine to run rich as well as cut your gas mileage somewhat. The one in my '91 went and my mileage went down eventually causing the engine to miss and smoke because of the rich fuel mixture. Now I get about as good mpg as I use to.

Yes S, that could be another problem. Fuel pressure regulators are a common problem...... usually not with high pressure, but that can happen also. Lets put it this way, they go bad often enough that my local Ford parts dept stocks 8-10 at any given time. When mine went bad, my truck just wouldn't start....... would never allow the system to pressure up. Thanks S.

Thanks for all the info guys......the only bad thing is that I had both O2 sensors replaced this passed summer....Ive never messed with the maf.....I will try you think that the 02 sensors could already be bad.....they should have about 20,000 miles on them already