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SHACKLE LIFT INSTALLED :) also tire question!


December 17, 2009
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95 xlt 4.0
A big thanks to everyone on this forum for motivating me to follow through with the shackle lift/tt. The truck never looked nor performed as well as it does now.

heres a couple after shots:

Immediately after the shackles

I couldnt help but get her dirty after :D

putting those old leaf springs through their paces :D

Now for my question!
im currently running those dinky 30 inch goodyear wranglers, with a free bald replacemnt tire on the driver front lol. So im in the market for some new a/t tires. What would be the biggest size i can go without having to trim the fenders and what not? I was told i can fit 32's without excessive trimming. also what would be a good quality all-terrain(under $150 if possible). Because i have had absolutely NO luck with the pos goodyear wranglers, especially with all the mild wheeling i tend to do.

thanks, Nick

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Link is greatly appreciated.
and thanks for the compliment!

I just got some 33x10.5s that I plan on putting on there and just trimming a bunch

you should be able to do 32" no problem, but 33"s would mean a lot of trimming. wait until the summer if you can to find some great tire deals. i got me a set of 33" goodyear duratracs at the end of last summer for about 640 total.


im really diggin that sport trac!! looks so good!

speaking of 32's i just happened to come across this...tried calling but no answer. ill have to call tomorrow

edit: if this guy answers ill most likely buy them. JUST GOT MY TAX RETURN BABBBY!! ill keep you guys updated. expect updates and pictures soon;)

at is a pretty sweet deal. you wont be able to use the wheels but the tires are awesome and you can slap them on your current wheels. for that price there will be a ton of people bidding on them. what i would do if i were you (being that im a craigslist veteran), is offer the guy 300, if he takes it, get the tires mounted on your current wheels and sell the wheels for 150. it will be like paying 150 for a set of 33" tires. thats a score in my book.

That is one sweet deal!

he's got a 15" rim so those tires will mount right up!

^^^^still running the stock 15's. I also have a buddy that works at discount tire that will mount em for free. I really hope this guy still has them.

just keep calling, hopefully you luck out and he does. like i said, offer him the full 200, if he says he has a bunch of callers which he might say, offer him 250 or 300 and snatch those things up. then mount the tires to your stock wheels and flip the rims for a profit.

that sucks, keep looking, craigslist always seems to have good stuff available if you find them in time.. if you can just wait until the summer hits, you usually see a lot of tire places and websites offering deals like buy 3 get 1 free, or special discounts on certain tire brands.

Discount tire had the best price in my town I got Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ 33/12.50/15for under a $1,000.00 OTD which was a good deal and that I wanted this tire because it has a 3 ply sidewall which is good for rock crawling, but you should check out because I could of got them for about $150.00 each then and some times they have sales with free shipping, but at the time didn't have cash and used tire CC. When I first got my X it had a 4" trailmaster lift and didn't rub with 32" tires so 31" tires mite be the best if you don't want to trim.

on the bright side my buddy hooked me up with another 235/75/15 goodyear wrangler for that pesky spare in the front! pretty happy about that.

Ill definately keep looking. I need to get something much more aggressive, maybe bfg all terrains? they seem to be a pretty basic and cheap all-terrain that would be perfect for me.

the bfg's are pretty standard, but i have heard that they dont do as well in the mud or rain as some other treads in the same price range. for that price there are cooper discovery, general grabbers, and my favorite, the duratracs!

ive made a few little exterior mods ;) just thought id post up the pics lemme know what you think!

two aux lights installed in front. Also painted the chrome grill black and the bumper

flat black rims and how she currently sits

painted rear bumper black also

I added my own little personal touch:)

next mod: if my buddy comes through i might be able to get a pair of 32in swampers for free! Im going to keep bugging him till he hands them over. Im not gonna get my hopes up though.
anyways thats it for now
thanks for looking
thanks for looking

sweet, since you are going with the flat black, i would paint the center caps flat black too. JMO. keep it coming!

ive definately considered painting them black, but i really like the way that the chrome bead around the rims matches the center cap. it gives it a cool, unique look.

ill keep the updates coming!

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I have a shackle and tt lift with 31/10.5s goodyear wrangler Authorities on stock wheels and i love them they are about 168 each and they are fantastic on and off road, they are a little loud on the road but great for wheeling and pretty minimal wear