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Shackle vs. Add-a-Leaf


And den
August 22, 2001
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Raleigh, NC
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'99 Sport 4wd
ok this is a very simple question. which one would be better a war. shackle or an Exp. Pro Comp Add-a-Leaf. i have .5 inch of squat in the back. but heres another twist add in the fact that i might as well get a 4 door leaf pack. SO...

I run a sport also and recently went through the same debate. I did a combo! I ditched the old Mono-Leaf and called around to junk yards for some low mileage 4 door springs. I put those on and the extended shackles and I have been very happy with the new rear end and lack of sag. I think the whole deal cost me $55 for the shackles and $100 for the springs. People tend to wreck SUVs alot so there are plenty of slightely used parts around!


you can't run add-a-leafs w/ mono leaf . The war shacks are alot easier anyway .