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Shackles and Round Tube Hidden Hitch?


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December 27, 2001
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'92 XLT & '97 XLT
Finally got my '97 this weekend and I'm planning on installing my warrior shackles tomorrow, and I have a question.

It appears that my Hidden Hitch round tube hitch is very close to my stock rear shackle, probably no more than an inch of clearance. The stock shackle is also slanted down and towards the rear....thus becomes my adding the longer shackle I'm afraid it will contact the hitch, or the hitch will make it impossible to even put the shackles on.

So, does anyone have the round tube Hidden Hitch and all the lift shackles?


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Here's a pic to demostrate how my setup looks right now with the stock shackle and hitch.
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I'm sure I can get the new shackles on, but I'm afraid that the hitch is going to hold them more forward than they are suppose to be and the in effect will give me more lift than I can accomodate with the TT.

My warrior shackles hit my hidden hitch. I am concerned about it too. There didn't seem to be any warning about it from anyone here on the site, before I did it. So, maybe that aren't that many folks with the hidden hitch.

Oh well... I am not going back stock.

I have shackles on my 95 with a hidden hitch....but my hitch looks different...maybe a little bigger. Mine did not hit....I will try to get a pic.

Yeah, I will see if I can post a pic, too. My outer bracket for the Hidden Hitch are right smack in the middle of my leaf springs. It doesn't take much to smack it, either. Sounds like I am bottoming out. That is how I noticed it actually.

My Hidden Hitch doesn't come anywhere near my shackles. It curves up and goes up towards the frame several inches away from my shackles. The part of the hitch bracket that mounts to the cross-member is a couple of inches next to my shackles. You can see the bolt for the hitch between the shackles and the hitch support. There is nothing behind my shackles that they could hit.


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Wow, your hitch is TOTALLY different than mine. I need to take a pic today. Mine looks just like Weebo's. Wow, where did you get that ? Is it actually for an Explorer, or did you "make it work"?

It was made for a '95-'97 Explorer, bought new in February '98 from some trailer store outside Toledo, OH. Remember thought hat I have a 3" body lift. The hitch receiver would normally be just under the front bumper.

Yeah, I figured you had a BL, but the bend in it is still totally different than mine. But mine is applicable to all X's 91-01 maybe that's what it is.

Mine is just like Robert's, miles away from the shackles.


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another angle


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So is the consensus that the warrior shackles will work with my hitch? They finally showed up yesterday...

I have the same hitch as Paul, Robert and Shaun.

I just took pics of my hitch/shackles can anyone post the pics for me?

I can host 'em and post 'em, or host 'em and give you the link to post 'em. This is for anyone actually...