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shackles and shocks?


January 5, 2003
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Sugarland, Texas
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1999 XLT
does adding shackles affect the shocks? are longer shocks needed? are shackles only added at the rear of the leaf or at the front as well? anyone have pics? thanks in advance.

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The Warrior shackles are installed at the rear of the leaves. You won't need longer shocks unless you do more than 2-2.5" of lift.

thanks alec, sounds like there is nothing to it. will this allow 32x11.5 on stock 15x7s or is 31x10.5 the biggest for 2 inch shackles and tt?

You will be able to fit the 32s, but you are going to have to do some cutting on both the front bumper(behind driving lights) and on the bottom/rear of the front wheel-wells. Maybe even have to chop some of the plastic away from the inside of the front wheelwells... I'd either install the 3" B/L and 32s or 33s, or just get the 31s. IMO

I agree with Splashman.

3 inch body instead of tt shackles or in addition to for the 32s or 33s?

They are the experts, but i am pretty sure they mean both. Besides, the shackle thing is cheap and easy...

Originally posted by two99fiveO's
3 inch body instead of tt shackles or in addition to for the 32s or 33s?

TT and shackles, 31s with no cutting... 3" BL only, 31s or 32s with no cutting... If you do everything, you will be able to fit the 32s with no cutting and 33s with cutting.

factory shocks OK with TT and shackles?

If I read the earlier posts right, it's OK to do a TT and shackles to comfortably fit 31's without changing my factory shocks? Just curious so I can save some $$$ until I can get Rancho 9000's.

Or should I do the shocks first?:confused: :confused: