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Shift cable adjustment on a 93 sport.

Vegas Mike

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December 23, 2008
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93 sport
I just purchased a 93 Explorer Sport for my son as a Christmas gift. He ia a new driver. Tranny was just replaced by previous owner, but gears don't align on indicater, and it appears to slip in lower drive gears. Seller stated that it is a stretched cable. Feels like a tranny slip to me, but he still states stretched cable. I see threads for a cable adjustment, but they are for much newer explorers. Can anyone help with this? I don't want to disassemble without knowing what to look for and do...
Thanks, Vegas Mike

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the indicator at the dash has an adjuster wheel in the steering column, this will get the needle pointing at the correct selection

The column shifter cable stretching will not cause the transmission to slip, instead it would cause you to not be in gear

To adjust the cable put the trans in N and the column shifter in N, then make the adjustments at the side of the transmission, if possible or required.
Its been a long time since I looked at the side of your transmission, I do believe the shifter calbe is adjustable, just a little bit

The dash incdicator is a seperate issue, basically I am getting at:

UNhook shift cable at transmission
Shift trans into N BY HAND
shift column shifter into N
Re-attach shifter cable at transmission
Have somebody shift the column shifter through all gear positions, ensure the trans is shifting into all gear locations

Now youcan get into the steering column and adjust your dash needle

slipping = not the cable = bad news, unless you are starting off in 2 and think you are in 1? I dunno


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Hi and welcome, you have to dig a little to get to the shift indicator cable adjuster.


The procedure for adjusting the cable at the transmission is something like this:
Shift System Adjustment, Ranger, Explorer and Aerostar

1. Place transmission shift select lever in the OD position.

2. Hang a three-pound weight on the end of the shift select lever.

3. Raise the vehicle on a hoist.

4. Release lock tab on the top side of the cable by pushing down on the two tangs.

5. Disconnect the shift cable from the transmission lever.

6. Shift the transmission into overdrive. On Ranger and Explorer vehicles, move the transmission lever all the way rearward (counterclockwise) and then forward three detent positions. On Aerostar vehicles, move the transmission lever all the way forward (counterclockwise) and then rearward three detent positions.

7. Reattach shift cable to transmission lever.

8. Completely push down the lock tab on the shift cable, making sure it fully engages, locking cable in place.

9. Make sure shift cable is clipped to floorpan.

10. Lower vehicle down from hoist.

11. Adjust shift indicator pointer while transmission is still in the OD position.

12. Remove the weight and check for proper engagement of all gears, including park

A stretched cable will keep the transmission from shifting to the correct detent stop but if you feel the transmission is slipping while in gear, there's a good chance the clutch bands or shift solenoids may need servicing in the transmission.

I bet you didn't bank on that kind of information when you joined!