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Shift Cable


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January 10, 2001
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Farmington, CT
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97 Sport
I am having a major problem with my shift cable. A few months ago I could not get my tranny in park. After researching here, I found the shift cable bracket was loose under the steering column and was able to fix it. Worked great for a few months, then had the same issue as well as the indicator line not aligning with the gear I was in and would not go into park again.

I checked the bracket again and It is tight under the column. I then decided (I know now it was a bad idea) to move the shifter from 1 to P several times thinking it would line up again. However now I can move the shifter from P to 1 and it will not select a gear and has little to no resistance. So now I can not start the truck or drive it. I am thinking I stretched the cable? Or broke it off the tranny? Where can I look underneath to see if the cable is actually moving the linkage? It looks good under the column. I want to avoid towing to a mechanic, or at least know where the problem is. Any help is really appreciated.


Look underneath the truck, vicinity of the driver's door, driver's side. That is where the other end is, at the transmission linkage.