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shift issues after trans instalation please help


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July 12, 2011
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1994 limited
so I had a leaking front seal so I dropped the trans and changed the seal and while I was at it the trans filter, but that was it. I got the trans all back in and now when I drive it does not like to shift from 1-2... I can manually shift to second then back into overdrive and it will then work fine... I will come to a stop and then it takes off from second and works fine.. if i shift back into park then go back into overdrive it wont shift 1-2 again unless I do it manually again.. I have adjusted the kickdown cable and there is no fluid in my modulator, what could be the problem, could it be the bands? why would they need adjusting if trans worked fine before I pulled it out? Please help with any ideas, Thank you greatly...