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Shift Solenoid #2 issues


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June 13, 2007
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'96 Sport 4x4
Ok, so one day I'm driving, from a red light, the truck wouldn't shift from 1st, to second. I pulled over. Tried again. Nothing. Luckily I was close to home. My check engine light comes on. I check the code....P0756. I find this is Shift Solenold #2. I drove to the auto store, finding that if I let the RPMs get to 3500, to 4000, and let go of the gas, it coasted, and went into 2nd gear. After that, all other gears shifted fine. at 50mph, the OD light started blinking, but it did go into OD.

So I get the solenoid finally a week later..keeping in mind the truck drove fine except from 1-2.. Drop the pan. Change the filter and fluid while im doing this, since I do not know if/when it was ever done.

After everything is back in. I put into drive....nothing....reverse....nothing....1/2, it goes forward. I put into reverse, 10secs later, it pops into reverse, but there isn't much power reversing.

Before the project, other than not shifting from 1-2, it drove fine. Now I have all these other issues.

I am hearing that it may be a pressure issue, that the solenoid may not be seated right, or the gaskets may be the issue.

Any info would be appreciated.

I'd double check the fluid level. Sometimes it takes
a long time for the torque converter to fill after work
is done on the valve body.

Might be the EPC solenoid going bad, or a loosened
wire during the other solenoid replacement...???

If you have to drop the pan again, you might re-torque
the valve body bolts; see if any have worked loose.
Also check for a cracked solenoid bracket, or a torn
VB gasket. Often times they're obvious.