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shifter knob


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January 19, 2002
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2016 PIU
I gotta 91XLT with manual tranny. I just went out to move it and the knob on the shifter came off in my hand. There isnt any threads to screw it on or any set screws. How do I put it back on? Superglue or what?:confused:

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Just push it back on. They have some sort of 'friction' modifier to keep it on but it wears over time.

Don't use super glue, you will not be able to remove the boot.

I tried that but it isnt tight it spins freely and there is all kinds of black crumbly stuff everywhere.:(


Use 5 minute epoxy. If it still gives you trouble, I can make you one out of aluminum, just email me for details. I have been meaning to post pics of mine that I turned on the lathe down at work (gotta love woking in a machine shop!).

Oh, thats not good. Mine comes off in the summer time all the time, however, the knob is in tact. On top is a diagram of the shift pattern (1-2-3-4-5-R) which spins.

You may need a new knob. Look in the knob where it fits onto the shifter. You should see little grooves which co-inside with the top of the metal shifter. If the grooves are worn away inside the knob you will need a new knob.

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I'd like to see those pics, get them posted. Thats gotta be a hell of block of aluminum to do that. I work building aluminum fishing boats I can make my own.Good idea!

Me too, please post. How much?

I found an easy fix. I just wrapped some electrical tape around the stick and shoved the knob back on. At least it will quit spinning for now.:D

i bought a couple differant shifter knobs to replace my stock one, but none of them fit. the stick is too wide:mad:

does anyone know of a nice looking replacement shift knob that fits the explorer?

If its the same as my 96, the shift lever is splined and the knob just pushes over it....cost me $7 from the dealer for a new one.