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Shifter problem


May 26, 2008
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The Colony, TX
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2005 XLT 4.0 L V6 4X4
I have been having a problem with the gear position indicator (the red line that tells you what gear you are in) at times not all the time when I put it in gear the indicator will hang in either R or N. If I shift to low and back to park a couple of times it starts working correctly.

Any ideas why and what it would take to fix it? Easy stuff I can do, major stuff I'm the "I pay the guy kinda guy"


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On my other Ford cars, there is a cable that runs up to the indicator, and this moves the red line, that is spring loaded to return to the end of the dial. If this cable, or spring are weak, or the indicator is full of gunk, it will stick and cause this problem. I have not taken my Explorer dash apart, but, I would think it is the same situation. A fix would require either removing the gear indicator, which entails removing the dash surround, instrument cluster, and then the gearshift indicator. You would then either clean it, or replace it.
Hope that helps you.

I have a 02 XLT 4x4, it should be the same as your 05. I had to replace the shifter lever some time ago and found that the indicator is a cable that is connected to the shifter by way of a clip. You can get to it by tacking off the covers around the colum. The cable is hooked by way of a clip to the triangle piece at the top of the colum,and just infront of the instrument cluster. The cable can't be any longer than 6-8". I would check it out and see if anything is loose. At least this will get you started. I don't think you will need to take the dash apart to fix it. Good Luck Pete

Here is a great thread for removing/replacing the instrument cluster with a lot of pics. It will give you a good idea of what everyone is talking about and should help you decide if it's something you want to tackle yourself. One of the pictures shows an adjustment for the cable.

Thanks guys. I'll give it a try and let y'all know

prindle needs to be replaced.