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Shifting into park


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March 12, 2007
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03 XLS
If I am in D (drive), and shift into P (park) (after I have stopped, of course), about halfway between R (reverse) and P, the lever sticks. I have to drop it down to R, then it'll go into P, no problem. At this point, I am just stopping at R, then moving to P.

Is this a huge problem, or a minor annoyance?

It's on an 03 Explorer XLS, 43,000 miles.

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hello, my '03 does it too. was serviced a back in 12/03 i think for it when it first appeared. stealer ordered a whole new steering column. then, as they were reassembling they found a pinched wire. that was probably the entire issue. now it's back (probably been back since day one). i'll eventually try to find a way to bypass the entire thing. it's stupid really. to get the shifter out of P or back into, the key must be in RUN and your foot on the brake, even if the engine is off. and forget about it if the battery is disconnected! sucks when you're just wanting to push the truck in neutral around the shop.

anyone else?

My 2002 has had this problem since it was three years old. Basically, like you said, when trying to take it out of Drive and put it into Park just as its almost in Park it gets stuck then you pull it back toward Reverse then stick it into Park. It is as if there is something blocking it from going all the way into Park. It does it so consistently that I don't even think about it anymore and just do the "proceedure" just out of habit.

it's the shift interlock. my new '07 doesn't have this problem at all.


As long as the transmission doesn't drop out of the bottom, I am fine.

Has anyone actually fixed this yet?


My 2002 XLS has been doing this since it was about two-three years old too!! Kind of a pain, but I am use to it (I guess.)