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shifting issue 01 Sport


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February 18, 2013
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Now an 01 Explorer Sport
shifting issue 01 Sport - final fix

I posted this in the transmission section about 6 days ago, and haven't gotten a response. I know i hate double posting also, but i could really use some knowledge on this.

I have a 2001 sport V-6 automatic. I don't have flair up, or slipping. the issue is: it shifts from 1st into 2/3 (almost at the same time really quick, then into OD. So it has no power after it shifts out of 1st. You can manually shift it, and it does fine. (pain in the butt with a column shifter).

Also, when at cruising speed, when you put your foot down to pass, it doesn't (kick down) into a lower gear. so you can either (take 2 miles to pass), or manually shift it down.

Any ideas guys?

i have read tons of threads on here, mostly about the flare issue, and even checked youtube. There was a thing on there about a blown valve body gasket, but i trust you guys first. Help please??


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Check engine light? Any codes? Not a very common problem on 2nd gen models.

I would start by changing the transmission fluid... if you have already done that, did you notice a lot of metal shavings on the magnet / in the fluid?

and a pic, of the new Explorer after a week and a half of HARD work on it.

I have already put a new tranny filter/pan gasket, and refilled with fluid (almost zero on contaminants metal, dirt etc) in the pan. very clean.
It was doing this when I got it, and the filter change made no difference.
I've been wrenching for over 30 years, and this has me stumped... any other ideas?
I even went so far as to clean the MAF - no change / Replace the TPS no change.

Perseverance furthers. It is fixed. I had it scanned again, this time said TPS and Air Intake Temp Sensor ( incorporated into MAF). I had already bought a new TPS, a couple of days before. Advance said it could have been a bed one, so they exchanged it. No difference. so I thought clogged cats? So cleaned both cats completely (removed and cleaned them hollow). a little better, but not much. so I went OLD SCHOOL. The plugs were really bad. so a new set of plugs and wires. Once again, better but the shifting issue was still there. I had it scanned for the third time, still showed TPS. So I checked wiring harness and all was good. I went over to my wife's 01 3.8 v-6 mustang, pulled her TPS, put it on the explorer... VOILA!!! ran perfect, and shifted perfect. I notice that the inside of the TPS is clocked different on the 3.8 and the 4.0. I went to Advance again, they traded me my TPS for one for a 2001 mustang 3.8(I buy a lot of stuff there). and it has been 3 days of heavy driving without a single hiccup. This thing drives better than I thought it ever would.