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Shifting Problems


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July 12, 2000
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Austin, TX
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1974 XLL
Driving home today the Explorer, 1996 4x4 automatic, would not shift out of first. I would hit the gas, engine would rev up really high but not shift. If I slowly pressed on the gas then it would shift some of the time, into 2nd and 3rd.

I pulled into a parking lot and the X went out of gear totally and would not go back into drive, reverse, nothing was catching. I put it into park, let it sit, still would not catch on anything, R, D, 2, 1. I killed the engine, started it back up, and it would shift into D and R then.

Went down the road, it stays in first only and after a long, long time shifts into second then on a turn pops out of D again and will not go back into anything once again. Kill the engine, restart, back into D.

What does this sound like? Tranmission went out? Computer module? Transfer case?

Sounds as if the Digital transmission Range sensor is bad or misaligned also the symptoms of the long delayed 1-2 shift could be the intermediate band out of adjustment or broke or not getting actuated. (pressure loss)