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Shock absorbers

Betty Boo

October 23, 2007
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Derbyshire, England.
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99 North Face UK Spec
Hi Everyone,

My Ex needs a bit of TLC I think.

Firstly with the shock absorbers if they need replacing will the car bang down when its gone over big potholes etc? Also do I have to replace the rear self leveling ones with like or can I put normal ones on as i tow so need to turn off the self leveling apparently?

Forgot to say that the self levelling is always trying to level itself so I assume it needs changing too.

Has anyone got any contacts for parts as apparently the handbrake shoes are a Ford only part & really expensive - they need doing too as well a brakes!

I think I need to speak to the Newport chaps too for a service and to sort out rattle on Ex too.

Actually I think I need lots of bits so any help on sourcing would be gratefully appreciated as I love the car so want keep it running.
It is fairly high mileage of 122K on a 99 V reg North face with a LPG conversion so you can see why I'd like to keep it.

Betty x

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The Auto Level System does NOT need to be turned off when you tow. It does have to be turned off when you are BEING towed. This is because the system will attempt to keep the car level, and if the front or rear is raised (as when you are being towed by a AA van (where your front wheels are put on a trolley), then the system will constantly attempt to remedy he situation, and it may damage the system.

If you are towing; like I do (I tow a boat with my Ex.) then the Auto Levelling System is designed to compensate for the additional weight/load on the car. So, when I put the hitch on the towball, it may well sink down at the back, then the Levelling System kicks in and raises the back-end to bring it back to the "normal" position.

With regards to shock replacements, I've just purchased the front ones from Ford (for around £40 each), and the rear ones via eBay from a guy in Canada (got both rear ones for £96 inc shipping, where they are over £300 in the good old UK).

Brake Shoes can be had from eBay also; I just got some 2 weeks ago for £36.

Hope that helps.


The rear parking brake shoes only cost about $20 in local parts stores here. Many online sources will be similar in cost.

Kenny, do you have contact information for where you got the rear ARC(stock air ride) shocks? I bought a spare pair through eBay two years ago for about $50 total. I have lost the contact information for that seller, but I believe that there were hundreds of pairs available. It would be good to post that source here on the forum for others with the OEM air shocks. Those rear ARC shocks are the same for all 95-01 ARC Explorers now. Regards,

That's the one, I got mine from them last February. I wonder where most of them went to.

I've got a set I'm not using - in fact I have got the whole system!

Hi Bruce,

Are you wanting to sell me your set?

Let me know cos if not I will be ordering some from the states as they really need doing.

Wait to hear from you.


Betty x


I have someone else interested at the moment but I will let you know if they decide not to have them.

help please!

Hello Explorer people.
I am in the Northwest & have a 1998 Explorer which is currently giving me loads of grief!
Do you think you could give me some help etc. to get these things sorted asap for as little cash as is fair?!? ;)

-Rear air suspension has gone on strike (dash light illuminates after a bit of driving & rear end is droopy low)

-Front passenger bearings totally gone (from what I have read already, it appears I need a hub/bearings replacement?) (MOT failure)

-Handbrake is slack and barely passed MOT

-Apparenty, the power to one of the front headlights is low

-Oh yes, it seems a pothole incident has made a "clunk" noise happen every time I go over a speedbump. Loose heat shield? Something else??

-Some well priced tyres would be nice too

The last time I had any work done on it I got totally stiffed so I am hoping to gain as much information as I can regarding actual fault, who has the parts I need & for how much, and lastly, who can do the work for me.
I have spent the best part of the week watching a variety of mechanics um & aahh & not commit to feeling confident about doing any of the work. (???)

Other than that, it has 69,000 miles on & looks good!


crisis! sounds like you need to do some reading up use the search button and you will find what you need !

Hello mate, click on my name and search my posts, you will find some that contain a lot of prices and part numbers for whatyou may need ok?
Inc contact details here in the uk.

searching through...

Hello mate, click on my name and search my posts, you will find some that contain a lot of prices and part numbers for whatyou may need ok?
Inc contact details here in the uk.

Yep... will do & thanks.:salute:

where in the northwest are you mate?

I'm in Liverpool, if you get stuck gimme a shout..



where in the northwest are you mate?

I'm in Liverpool, if you get stuck gimme a shout..


Thanks... very generous of you :)
I will post a progress report as soon as I have one. The bearings now sound awful since the MOT guys messed with it & I think as a bonus, they knocked the ABS link as the light has now come on. Disaster heck!