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shock and add a leaf swap?


August 1, 2001
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93 XLT @ 95 eb 4x4
my 95 door 4x4 shocks are gone and rear is sagging. on my 93 xlt 4 door 4x4 i just had a 2 inch lift installed before my tranny seal went down. Wondering if i can use my skyjacker shocks and rear add a leafs on the 95??i figure the shocks should work, any thoughts? thanks alot

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They will fit just fine.

thats great, hope it isnt too much work to swap, im a rookie at this ,but i sure will try. is it dangerous? do you think she will sit even and maybe a little higher? thanks alot for the info, andrew

Here's a writeup on how to change the shocks on a 2nd gen Explorer.
We have a forum Called "Useful Threads" that you should get aquainted with. It has alot of "useful" information on how to do things. Check it out.

The add-a-leaf shouldn't be a problem as you aren't replacing anything, but adding the add-a-leaf. I've never used an add-a-leaf, but I would think that you would have to jack the truck up high enough to take the load off the rear springs, then bolt the add-a-leafs on.

i was happy to hear the skyjacker shocks would work , i figured if i could use the add a leafs from the lift kit too while ill be in the area. im hoping i can getter done without too many problems in a weekend ,hopefully a i am getting good with all the other catagories also i definately brouse the site and am finding usefule threads is full of info. i will be a member soon as possible.great site thanks again