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Shock Decision 2000 EB with TT, Shakles and 3"BL


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October 29, 2009
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Bay Area, CA
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2000 EB
The time has come to look at purchasing some shocks for my truck and wanted some input from the community.

Current Vehicle spec, 2000 EB Explorer, TT, Warrior 153, 3"BL:

Short term plans are to add Cragar Soft 8 15x8 RIMS and Goodyear MTR Kevlar 33x12.5x15 tires (pretty heavy tire package) I think around 55 pounds per tire.

What shocks should I add to the truck, I am thinking an adjustable shock as I willl use it for offroad and some distant driving as its not a TQ yet.

Eventually i will be ditching the TT and moving to Coil shocks but that is probable in the 2 year plan. IF.

What recommendations and experience do people have with this combination and suggestions?

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Anybody please input would be great, seems like forum traffic and responses are suffering lately. :(

Really nobody has any suggestions for this setup foa adjustable shock

maybe it's because this question has (most likely) been answered numerous times?

While i totally agree that there should be tons of data on this forum about shock selection for specific builds and associated write up's and review's finding that data using the built in search imho is horrible, it mostly turns up threads from 8 years ago that is totally useless. It seems like the search on the forum is close to useless for me most of the time.

Does anybody have book marked any good threads with reviews of different shocks on mild modified Explorers?

this one is a month old

this one is 4 months old

so this one is about 3 yrs old, but the last post was from about 2 yrs ago

here's one a couple years old

seriously... not that much has changed, especially shock-wise, in the last 4-5 years.
And your Explorer and setup will be no different than about 75% of the Explorers on this forum.