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shock length question???


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September 17, 2003
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97' XLT Explorer 4 door
To get max flex on my 97 4x4, will longer shocks help get more droop or articulation? Just curious about this.. I know nothing about shocks (do they come in longer lengths?)

97 auto v6.. Just getting educated, im getting ready to lift it. with a 2" TT, warrior shacle and 3" body lift (for now)

For off roading im planning on disconnecting sway bars and was wondering about shock lengths...


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Only way to tell (that I know of) is to lift the body up and let the rear hang down. Then disconnect the shocks and see if the rear hangs any lower. I know it ain't fancy but thats how I checked mine.

And If it "limits" travel, new shocks can be ordered and State 2" lift to get a longer shock right?


Yep. You will need to measure your shock fully extended and add on what ever your being limited.

What I would do is disconnect the lower shock mount bolt and raise the body and then after the rear is hanging down pull the shock all the way down and measure the distance needed to reach and add about an inch or two. I shock mounts for the rear top bolt are a pain in the ass to mount because of the spare and the angle of approach of the bolt mount.