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Shock Length


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February 17, 1999
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I currently have 2+ inches of lift in my '92 Explorer via taller coil springs and an add a leaf in the rear. My question is, how much lift can I add before I run out of shock length (stock length senotracs)? What can I do to test if I have enough shock length? I have ordered Warrior Shackles and am considering coil spacers. Thanks for any info!

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The easy answer is to get shocks that spec out to be 2" longer than stock.

To test to see if your shocks are limiting the droop of your suspension, raise the vehicle by the frame. When you do this the suspension should be at full droop, front and rear. Then unbolt the bottom shock mount on one of the front shocks. If the wheel travels further down, you now know that your shocks are limiting the travel. Repeat the same process with the rear.

You can actually measure the distance between shock mounts at full droop, and use this to spec out a new shock.

If you keep the stock compressed length, you shouldn't have any problems there. You can test for compressed length by either jacking up a wheel, or by driving up on a boulder or something and totatlly compressing the suspension on one wheel. Do the same with the shocks that you did for the droop test. This will tell you if your shocks are limiting full compression.

If you don't want to go this route, just ask a knowledgable pro at a 4x4 shop or call up one of the good mail order places and tell them what you've done to your rig and have them match up the correct length shock for it. That's what they get paid to do.

Good luck.

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I would replace shocks with longer ones. This will give you at least 2" more travel. I'm thinking about replacing coils and at the same time I'll do the shocks as well.


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