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Shocks for a 97XLT work on a 94xlt?


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August 15, 2009
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Rockland, Maine
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94 XLT
Recently I got a set of 4 Gabriel Guardian shocks, plus some plug wires, new plugs for $30.00 from an acquaintence who had a 97xlt, but sold the vehicle before he even any of these installed in his truck, so he sold them to me just to get them off his hands. I figured that these shocks would work on my 94xlt (both his and mine are 4x4) but had heard from an auto parts store that they would not. I have one of the shocks here, still in the box but cannot find any special codes or numbers that would mean anything. Does anyone know if these bought for a 2nd gen would work on a 1st gen.

FINALLY if they won't work on my 1st gen, would they work on a 93 Ranger 2wd truck? Thanks for any input!! :yelexp: