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Shocks what to choose

David S.

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February 25, 1999
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Do a search on shocks. You will find several threads on the subject. Most members have the Edelbrocks or Ranchos. I just recently put on the Monroe Reflex and am very pleased. I don't do alot of off road driving but when I have, the shocks performed well. By the way, Rancho and Monroe are both made by Tenneco Automotive. Do the search and see what others say. I would have liked the Edelbrocks but could not justify $70 each. Some like the Gabriel VST for around $20 each.

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For some time now I wanted to change the rear shock, I don't know what to put in.
I have two choise: 1-RS5000 from Rancho 2-Edelbrock new shocks. Witch to choose since I am going to change all four an add-a-leaf to the rear too. The Explorer drives mostly highway and city, but one or twice a week a little trip to a forest road, not very much of 4x4, but 4wd is very good for the snowy condition up here in Canada. Any advice would be great.

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I did a lot of research (maybe not enough) but I end up installing Monroe Sensa Tract and I'm satisfied for the price which I got for $25.65 each actually $34.95 minus the Gift Certificate rebate. If it don't last I'll get another one and install another new one. It has a lifetime guarantee as long as you keep the receipt. I do New York highway driving most of the time, 5 days a week, 62 miles a day (heard about LIE?).:mad:

i was at a front end place the other day and asked them what kind of shock i should use on the splorer...they said the sensatrac but then i asked about the reflex and the guy called the place that sold him the reflex's and they said that the sensatrac is not heavy enough for an explorer (lol, i have sensatracs on there right wonder the ride the fact that they're worn :D) i'll probably be getting the reflexes when i save up the dough

Finally, I asked the question to my local suspemsion shop. They told me the Reflex from Monroe yould be a very good choice, and I looked at the info on that shock, it looks's a lot like the Edelbrock. So this morning I'm having a add-a-leaf installed(finally no more sag) and after that have to get those Reflex to install them myself. I will post on the results as soon as I have data on the new ride.

What exactly is "add a leaf"? Is it a do it yourself application? What is the cost involved.

Rooster - The rear suspension of your truck is composed of a stacks of leaf springs (as opposed to coil springs). An add-a-leaf is exactly as it sounds. You add one or more leafs to your spring pack to stiffen up the suspension and give it some lift. Cost can be around $100 - $200 depending, and it can be done by yourself as long as you have some basic tools. (jack, jack stand, wrenches...)

Shock what to choose

I got my add-a-leaf done, andeling feels better and got 2 inchs more to the rear. Truck now sits level. Ordered those Reflex shock, cant wait to try them.

do you just get the add-a-leaf for the lift? or do some explorers have more sag than others? i have a '93 2-door and havent noticed any sag...

Sagging Exp...

Just to get the truck leveled. Around me I see many,many Explorer that are couple of inch too low from the rear end, if you do a search on rear end sag, you will see it is very ``popular``. The Explorer has a soft leaf pack, with the years and use, the rear tends to drop. Comfort is suppose to be the issue, thats why Ford puts soft leafs, with the extra blade it is stiffer but me I dont mind, since I'm young and get better andeling from it.

Finally got the money to buy those Reflex shock. They feel good, specially when turning, truck does not want to roll over anymore, think old shock where very done. I would recommend to anyone who need new shocks, because andling is better and contact on the road too.

Big deal ... NO

To answer the person who emailed me and that I can't reach? No I did not have any deal, but a cheap price I would say. I paid $65 (CDN dollars)each, if you make the exchange conversion, it would be approximatly $50 or less.