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Shocks with 2 reservoirs??? Seen these???


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March 23, 2009
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'00 XLT 4.0 SOHC
I saw these on a ranger at school a week or so ago and just got around to getting a picture of them. They are only on the front on stock suspension. I have never seen anything like these before...seems kind of pointless to have 2 reservoirs on one shock. Ever seen these/ know who made them?? Anyways, pics... (sorry they're big)



It is pointless. The person must think it looks cool or something but for a 2.0 a single res will be more than enough. With these two res's you will probably just blow the shock up if it gets beat on because now you have twice the nitrogen capacity as the shock was designed for, and I don't think the shock can take that being a 2.0. The shock will have one hell of a spring rate in it but, pointless.

Exactly what I was thinking... I would never buy them. That's why I have some bilstein 7100's getting put on in the next week. I first thought they could maybe be some sort of internal bypass but they look too small. Just for looks