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August 1, 2010
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Sioux Falls SD
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99 EB
my 99 eddie Bauer is at 150k and looks to have stock shocks on it still
im looking at replacement some time in the near future
i am not really a truck/suv kinda guy, and i am not used to the handling of this massive rig
here are a few pics of my previous cars, currently i still own both GTI's




all of my cars have had upgraded suspension and handle like a dream and go where ever i put them with no issues
what recommendations can i get for shocks that will help me handle great and provide a nice ride
(noticeably improved) over stock, even though i know that nearly anything will be better than 150k OEM ford shocks

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Search - shocks is a hot topic which comes up maybe every month or every other month.

I went with Monroe Reflex for the front, and Sensa-Trac load leveling shocks for the rear. I've had Sensa-Tracs on other Explorers, but from what I've read, the Reflex is a bit firmer, and that's what I'm after.

Every one has different wants and needs...

I installed a set of KYB GR-2's on my Sport and like them so far...They could be a bit firmer but then I am accustomed to my Charger and its suspension...

For a truck, it handles better than any truck I have owned; including my lowered F-150 fullsize...I drove a newer Sport with stock replacements and damn near flipped it driving on a highway in Houston I am familiar with...It wouldn't hold the same line through a curve unless I dropped 20 mph...

But that is just me and my driving style...:D

i have done a bit of searching and i have found alot of guys talk about both the reflex, and the GR2, i have had KYB's on 3 vehicles over the years and thought they rode like ass on all of them, 2 of them were on fieros, and the other was on a grand prix GTP
i dont know that i would be willing to invest $$ in KYB again

so that leaves me with Reflex, is there a better option for a great daily driver on South Dakota roads?

I have Edelbrocks on my wifes lifted Explorer, and I have Bilsteins on my Lowered Explorer...

I would buy both again, no question about it...


thanks, know who has the best prices?