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Shooey_'s '91 Registry

Shooey_'s (Flat Black!) '91 Registry

UPDATE! May 8th, 2011
The Write-Up (New Thread)
More Photos


It's time for a registry! The rig is a 91' XLT 5-speed christened "Ben". What a runner, I previously owned a '91 Tempo that I was determined to destroy. Eventually the auto transmission went on it. I picked up the Ex in 2008 for the low low price of $500 plus 3 years of registration back payments. It was in the family and had been sitting because my parents decided to start commuting. To get it up and running only required a positive battery cable and a serious cleaning. No, seriously. Two trash bags and several armor all products. It soon became my baby, no Tempo-like mischief with this one.


2011-Color matching (and learning about ltd slip differentials)

2009-I hate Bambi.

It wasn't a day after a full brake job and oil/filter change, and maybe two weeks after getting the bushings replaced that I got into my accident. I smacked a six point buck (that the redneck in me says I should have brought home) on a rural highway. I had rounded a corner at no more than 60 and by the time he was in my headlights there was no turning back. Locked up the rear end for 100ft and did my best to line him up on the corner of the truck. He was just crossing the double yellow into my lane and a small sedan in the other lane had just passed as hit the deer doing about 30-40mph. It took everything I had to get out of my truck and look at the damage. Bambi's dad had hit like I hoped and spared the engine compartment. My left front wheel was pretty badly toed out and had absorbed a piece of my bumper. I guess I ended up cradling him for several yards and went right over the top of him once I let off the brake. I didn't realize I messed up my wrist in the process. Amazingly, the truck drove off site after clearing the wheel wells and making sure no fluids were leaking. The assumed toe on the tire was nothing. Bambi stayed behind, fat *******.


Post bumper pull


Head/Neck through the grille (can you find all six points? :splat:)


Still a good amount of damage, but its progress

In 2010, I retired my truck from her very faithful position as daily driver. I took the time to paint and replace the ugly fenders and hood that were still on the truck. Later on we updated the suspension and put some 31” Bighorns on her. My favorite project to date was upgrading to Warn manual hubs. Now we've got a road trip rig! By this time the RABS issue couldn't be ignored anymore, and the unit was replaced. Bypassing it was almost the way we went but after the accident I wasn't having it. Had the scare of my life too when we started smelling wood smoke coming out of the vents (in a residential!?). Next thing we know its POURING smoke through the vents and into the cabin. The one time I don't have the extinguisher in the truck. The How and Why (Thanks gmanpaint)


Completed Projects

-Positive battery cable
-Slave and master clutch cylinder
-Driver's door handle replacement

-Radius Arm Bushings
-U-joints and drive bolts
-New bumper and grille
-Fender unbending

-Repair/Replace residual front end damage
-Update suspension
-Warn hubs
-31” Bighorns
-Replaced bench w/Bauer captain's chairs and console.

-Paint Job
-Driver's window motor
-Heater Core
-Water Pump
-130A Alternator Upgrade
-Window tint
-Repaired leaking rear window

In Progress
-CB Console Custom Install
-M5OD Overhaul
-Clutch Replacemen
-Rear Main Seal
-Headliner Replacement
-Carpet Deep Clean
-Fit Custom Console
-Parking Brake

Future Happy Vehicle Projects
-Steering fork repair/replace
-A/C overhaul
-Winch bumper build


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Neat, looks like you have things under control.

welcome and nice x

This is going to be a good week, alternator, heater core, door hinge pins, and water pump all came in the mail. Couple of other projects lined up as well. I love spring time!

Wow!! I'm really liking the flat black. Good job!!:thumbsup:

Looks good!

Wow!! I'm really liking the flat black. Good job!!:thumbsup:

Looks good!

Thanks guys! In the near future we're redoing the pillars with Krylon.
Pinstripe's on its way too, lime green! Looking for an old school emblem too, the blue and green just ain't gonna cut it for me.

Time for an update, we've been pretty swamped with projects. Last Saturday we plugged in a heater core, water pump, window motor, hinge pin and 130 Amp Alternator.

Can you say efficient? ;)

Pics and maybe a write-up soon to come, we've got so many projects going on this thing right now it's almost bumming me out. I wanna play on the big kid trails this weekend!

Preface: So last winter the truck was running very cool; heat out put through the vents was also seriously lacking. Upon reaching our destination the radiator was flushed, and the good husband replaced the thermostat in our friend's frigid 12 degree parking lot. We also replaced the fan; I didn't know how severe the cracking was in relation to functionality but the thought of splintering plastic shards was enough to talk me into a replacement. The rad fluid was nasty and the tech that did it suggested that we repeated the flush upon returning home (800 mi). We were still running cool, so recently we replaced the water pump and heater core looking for some return. Heater runs warmer, but the true test will come with the next cold season.
Pulling the heater core is a piece of cake.

Remove the hose clamps, there are two.


I pulled the glove box out, its not necessary but I like having more visibility. Push the sides in and it pops out, two screws to remove it.


I had good luck using pliers to pull the interior trim piece's clips off to reveal the access cover.

Four screws off the access cover and the heater core pops right out.


Now, our core didn't explode or have any leaks but with a flush we found it full of the thick rusty stuff. It was quite a bit heavier than the new one too, possibly contributing to more gunk that wouldn't dislodge (even though the water ran clear).

Replaced the seal around the access cover and foam pad and slipped it right back into place. For comparison the old foam is laying in the access cover, new stuff can be cut to size.



Bolt up, you're done!

So the water pump project wasn't taken on personally, and that day I did a proper job failing as a camera lady, so here's one with more text than photos for once:

Changed my mind, mechjames did a really nice write up. I will add, though, that the fan clutch tool can be rented from Autozone for $70-80 with a full return. Item #27141 if I'm not mistaken.

From mechjames' write up

The set from autozone

When we buy new things I'm fairly quick to stick my nose in the box and see if anything's arwy. In this case I'm pretty glad I did:

What are you doing in there!?

A little scrap from the machine shop I guess. Glad it's not in the cooling system.

Still chipping away on projects. Husband pulled the M5OD to do some maintenance; throw-out bearing, clutch and break in to the case to check for worn gears. We're in the 160-170K range, so I okay'd it. :)

My DD, just sprung a leak in the heater core. I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't picked up the rubber dirt mats to vacuum. One of those, "so thaat's where all that fluid's going" moments. The hot coolant mist on my flip-flopped feet should have been enough of a hint that it's time to pull over and just AAA it. Eff it, I'm a trooper.

This job isn't going to spoil me as much as the Ex's heater core job did:
ShawnV's Write-Up [offsite]

It won't be too bad, I'm just happy I'm not pulling the whole dash. Well, not today at least.

Useless Update:
Everything has come to a crawl. Just started the semester, moved (yay!), and currently trying to fund some new floors and paint. Egad.

The truck's tranny has been rebuilt, but has yet to be installed. She sits in the driveway waiting turn. Things will pick up in the fall, we can't handle the winter without her! :)
Oh, note to the wiser: If you plan on leaving the tranny port (ie hole in the floor) open for more than a few days block that foo full of towels! Our cat moved in and now has an "outside home". :thumbdwn:

Over my winter break I've been working on some sketches front and rear bumpers. Please excuse any rough/lacking details [like the lack of clevis tabs], this was my first major Sketchup project.

Rear Bumper
-Rear wheel modeled is a 33", the largest size we anticipate needing/using.
-Explorer model by ZXT.
-Jerry can will be primarily for offroad/camping, no point in blocking a tail light around town. :D



Front Bumper
-We'll be using the Badlands 9k Winch
-Thanks to Black91EB for help on specs. Free bump:His is for sale.
-Hoop and cover plate will be added when the time comes.


Cardboard mock ups coming in February, clearance near the T-handle should be interesting. Hopefully we can get to building next month too.


We've also picked up some ceramic microballoons with the hopes of creating an insulator that rivals Lizard skin. Heat is more of an issue than sound, but you guys will be the first to know how things go. :thumbsup:

Oh, and while I'm here, anyone want some Yakima gear?

I won't turn down a reasonable offer.