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Short Sunday run takes it's toll...


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February 8, 1999
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'93 XL '20 ST
I went out with a few Jeep guys this morning to stretch out the Pumpkin for a while. We ran trails on the South end of the White Tank Mountains. The White Tanks are the Mountains you see immediately West of Phoenix.

Along for the ride were Sam in his Cherokee, Mike Porter in his Wrangler and Mike ? in a CJ5. We started out at about 7:30am so we could take advantage of the cooler weather. The temprature wasn't bad at all, but there were a zillion gnats out there ready to swarm everytime you got out of truck. These bugs must have been dope fiends since they just lapped up the insect repellant we doused ourselves with.

The morning started off easy we made our way through a wide wash. After a 10 minute run across the wash we found the entrance to a narrow rock filled canyon. The canyon took us about 2 hrs to complete, in that time we only traveled about 1 mile. There were lots of tight and tippy places to play in. I found out just how tight when I dented my passenger side door in! I also finished off the Bushwhacker on that side.

This was my first trip out with my new TR (Trail Ready) bead locks. I aired down the Baja Claws to 5psi at the beginning of the trail and they did great the whole way through. Man did those things flex! The TrailReady bead locks took a lot of punishment. All of them are now scratched and gouged. They did there job though and kept the tires on the rim even at super low pressure in extreme conditions.

Everyone ended up with some degree of body damage. The Cherokee nailed his rear quarter, and also put a nice gash in his BFG M/T. The Wrangler scratched his body tub behind the drivers door.

Anyway the pictures can tell the story better than I can!


5psi and they are finally starting to put down a good foot print!
The only shot with the bead locks in "mint" condition.
Just one of the tight spots.


Ouch... Most of the guys who have put there truck on the side didn't do that much damage :D

Here are photos of the other guys same trail...
Sam's Cherokee


Sams Cherokee.
Mike's Wrangler


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Hey Rick, maybe if we both go to the same body shop we can get a 2-for-1 special? Man that sucks!

Gosh, I don't remember such minor damage when I rolled on my side.. Time to get the door back from DiffWhackDaddy?

Are you still going to replace the Claws, since it looks like they are finally working right?

Looks like you had fun anyway!

We did have a good time out there. It was a very challenging trail.

I would still like to get some taller tires. A "real" 35 or 36 instead of a 35" that measures 33".

First thing I told Char was I never should have parted with that front door :D Oh well... Isn't that how it always works.

Cool pics Rick! Looks like a fun trail!