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should i buy or not? that is the question

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February 15, 2008
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okay so i have a 96 sport about to be lifted and i was wonder what yalls thoughts were on a lund sunvisor or moonvisor if i shoudld buy one or just leave it plain thank youo

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well price doesnt really matter and moon has little yellow lights on it and a sun has nothing just the visor then they would basically have the same advantages and disadvantages bc its the same thing just one has lights

Nooooo!!!!! Don't do it!!!!!! Put the catalog down slowly and step away from the parts counter...

I think they all look cheesy myself... never been a fan.

Also, keep in mind that with the already limited upward visibility, adding a visor will only make it worse. You'll have to stop 50' back from any traffic light to see it, or watch it through the sunroof!

Yea, I agree with GI. They look really cheesy and don't perform any important function. Take a pass.

actually I thought they keep the wind from swishing your truck around like a ping pong ball if you have everything up there for the roof the rear and the window visors...

I would think wind would catch under it easier, if anything. I don't know, it doesn't look like it streamlines the vehicle or anything.

okay you guys thanks for ur thoughts it looks more ppl dislike them tehn like them ahah

If people don't like it, so what? It's up to you, it's your mod. The issue is the safety aspect. See post #5. That's what you should consider. I understand you're looking for opinions too, but safety first - I agree tho, ugums. :)

I agree they dont look good unless you have a bronco or a tractor trailer if you opt not to do the visor and are looking for a little more shade from that annoying angle of the sun, im going in a couple of weeks when it gets warmer to get a strip of tint on the windshield just the top so its still Legal but stops the glare but could still see through it that covers the safety aspect.. jus my thoughts...But listen if you think it looks good f it just do it ...

I think they look kinda cool on SUV's, however I've never opted to get own for either of my Explorer's. If you do decide for sure to get one, I'd get the moonvisor one, whatever the one with the lights is called.

dang all this time now i know were actually talking about the burrito visor ...i thought he wanted the one for the sunroof lol my bad ... then in that case i say no also just plain cheesy ...."famous quote: longest yard...cheeseburger eddie ..."it aint' easy being greasy" want some fries with that big mac..