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Should I Do This?


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September 30, 2003
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Grand Junction, Colorado
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2000 Explorer XLT
Dealer told me I should do a Fuel Injection Service $90. Does this need to be done? I have a 2000 XLT with 77,000 miles runs great, just had some sensors/gasket done to get rid of CEL.

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You can get some fuel system cleaner stuff from autozone and pour that in with a full tank of gas. I never go to the dealership because they charge $90 hour here.

The fuel injection service is usually more than just running a bottle of stuff through the tank. However, my dealer charged $75.

It's not a bad idea if they've never been cleaned.

I just did a fuel injector flush using the Ford Motorcraft fuel injection cleaner. That stuff is nasty. Its not the kind of stuff you can put into your tank as it eats hoses etc.

To use the ford stuff you have a funky can with a place for an air hose on one end (to pressureize it) and a hose that goes into your fpr.

You then disable the fuel pump (I used the ineria switch to do that) and block off the return fuel line (you don't want this stuff going into your tank)..

You then put a little gas into the can and then pour the bottle of cleaner into it. Close the lid, pressurize the can to about 35psi and then start/run the truck off that.

The jobber cost for the cleaner stuff was $20/bottle and I used to bottles. The stuff really worked well, much better than any drop in the tank bottle did.

I'm not sure if I'd do it at only 77k miles (I did mine at just under 300k) but I would say every 100k or so miles it "may" be worth it.

BTW.. the procedure for yours may be slightly different at you don't have a return line for your fuel.. (I think the regulator is on the pump on your truck.


"It's not a bad idea if they've never been cleaned."

This I do not know. What if they have been done and I do them again? Any consequenses? Or should I just wait till I hit 100K? Any more thoughts?

It never hurts to clean an injector unless it's on it's last legs, then the cleaner can hurt it. Although you'd want to know that anyway.

I've never bothered with fuel injection cleaning on any vehicle of mine. My reasoning is that I do most of my own repairs and a rebuilt fuel injector is about $50-80 material cost.

I've only had to replace injectors once, and it wasn't on a Ford. If it helps you sleep better at night, go ahead and get the injector cleaning.

I did this on our '95 dodge also.. and on that one I fired the injectors (out of the engine) to see how plugged they were (240k miles) and then cleaned them and then fired them again.. There was a big improvement in stream. More gas AND much finer mist. When I fired it before I cleaned it, it was kinda a dribble/faucet stream.

If I have to pay <$100 every few years, its still cheaper than replacing the injectors.


Thanks for all your inputs.

Is the dump it in the tank stuff worth it ?
I dump a bottle in every oil change ( 5k )

Yup, a quality fuel system cleaner is good preventative maintenance.

FYI the Ford dealer is a great place to have this done but it is not your only option...

Most quality quick lube places have a similar machine to clean the fuel system, so shop around if you are concered with the cost.