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should I paint my wheels?


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July 1, 2005
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Jackson, MS
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2004 explorer xls
can some one photo-shop this (thanks)?



what do you think?

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Do them flat black, to match the race stripe

I really like black rims and they would look good on your Ex but if you do do it right. I seen an Ex yesterday that they painted the rims black but didn't take the time to do it right and the paint was coming off. You could see crome where the paint was flaking off, really looked like crap.

i say leave the face how it is and do a high gloss on the curved rough spots. if that makes and sense. i say a 2nd gen with it done and it made me think about buying a set to do that

Duplicolor has a flat black wheel color for rims. that would be your best bet.

paint the rim itself and just leave the cap chrome color... i think that would look kinda cool...

paint them black it would look good i painted mine black and i like them

Flat black with the chrome caps get my vote. I painted some 15"X12" wide chrome wheels black on my CJ-7 Jeep and had polished SS center caps.I sand blasted the chrome wheels with aluminun oxide media in a sandblasting cabinet where I was working.If you don't do that the paint will flake off.Some people say they use a scotchbrite pad or steel wool but they don't work as good as the blaster.