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should I rebuild my transfer case or have it done?


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April 7, 2012
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95 V6 Sport trac
So my transfer case is blown and the shop told me it was going to cost 2200 bucks to fix..Hmmm I fell im a pretty good wrench.. althought im not going to attempt a motor or transmission overall.. my coworkers have expressed that i should be able to rebuilt my transfer case with success. should I take this on or buy a reman for 800 and throw it in.. :thumbsup:

I assume you have a 1995 Explorer V6 with the BW4405 transfer case. (Your description says 1995 Sport Trac, but these didn't exist.)

There is an excellent step by step writeup on how to rebuild the TC yourself and word is that it's relatively easy to do. However, I recently had the same decision to make and decided to have it rebuilt professionally. Transfer Case Express shipped me a rebuilt case for $715 which included return shipping and I'm happy with it so far. The parts to rebuild the case are fairly expensive and I don't think I would have saved much in doing it myself. Of course, you'll have to remove and install the case yourself.

There are a lot of these cases in the junkyard too - I saw at least three of them at Pull a Part here in Charlotte that didn't have any obvious wear in the case bores.