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Should I remove the "Explorer" front hood emblem??


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September 16, 2014
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Denver, CO and Cardiff
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2018 Explorer Sport
Hello everyone...

I have a 2018 Explorer Sport in Black and I recently removed ALL the badging from the rear tailgate... The eccoboost, Sport and dealer stickers and it looks brilliant and clean.

I know its a strange question but what do you think about removing the front "Explorer" emblems off the front hood??

I realize its a question of personal taste but... If you've done it, did you like the result or did you miss having it after the novelty of it being gone wore off??

Thanks for your opinions

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I cannot comment about removing or not, but as you said, personal preference.

However, I will comment that washing/waxing that front section of the hood would be much easier with the letters removed. I find myself catching my wash mitt, towel, wax pad...etc on the letters. Plus, can get a good layer of wax in between the letters.

How many miles on your Ex? I think the biggest concern would be if you remove the letters and there are many small chips on the now may end up with a "shadow" Explorer on the hood(especially with black).

If you plan to take it off, don't wait. The sooner the better, the glue and adhesive will be easier to remove now rather than later.

Also, like Odrapnew said, you may get paint fading if you wait until later while the paint under the letters will be the original color.

Thanks for the input so far...
I’m tempted to remove the emblems to help with cleaning and upkeep.

It’s got 25000 miles on it

Wait until you get a new hood and then tell the body shop to leave the emblems off.

If you like the look, but don't like the way they snag on stuff or get in the way of cleaning, get some custom cut from vinyl and install that instead. You can get pretty much any color, even chrome.