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Should I rip out the muffler?


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April 26, 2000
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I've had a Flowmaster muffler and 2.25" single outlet on my explorer for a year now and I'm considering taking the muffler off and getting dual exhaust. To anyone who has this on their explorer: do you recommend it or not? I'm looking for a lot of sound but I don't want it if it doesn't sound a little bit like a V-8. Should I stay with 2.25" pipes or get larger ones? This is just an idea that I'm thinking about so I was looking for some advice, thanks


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May not be a good idea. You have to have certain amount of back pressure, and putting on such a free flow exhaust will probably cost you in power. I don't recall all the particulars, but this topic came up some time ago and several posts were made that specifically addressed that issue regarding the 4.OL V6.

However, you might want to talk to Flowmaster and ask them what other mufflers they have available...there are at least two, maybe three, performance mufflers and they all apparently have a different loudness and tone, but all are OK for use on the V6.

That's the best as i remember it...maybe someone who has the "exact" facts...or at least a better memory...will pick up on this question.

I have a flowmaster single outlet with the stock exhaust pipe and resonator before. It does not sounds loud enough except when accelerating. What I did was removed the stock single exhaust pipe and the resonator. I had it custom bended a 2.5 inch without the resonator with a 3 inch racing tip. Now it sounds like a V8 on idle and accelerating. It's much louder also when accelerating that makes my wife complain about it but when in cruising speed, it melows down though.:)

Originally posted by Nonoy
I have a flowmaster single outlet with the stock exhaust pipe and resonator before.


Your '97 has a resonator?

I thought about all that too, so all I did was split the exhaust after the catalytic converter, and went with straight pipes.... and no mufflers at all.. it is quiet at idle, with a slight rumble, but when I get on it, it is kinda loud.. sounds sweet!!! I have gained HP, without loosing any back pressure... something to think about..


How much power is lost by removing the resonator and keeping the stock muffler?


When I remove the resonator and put in a 2.5 inch pipe I never notice any lost of power it seems to be the the other way around. Acceleration seems much more power. Throttle response is quick, overall the engine seems to breath much easier. Oh yes, I notice good millage with gas. Not sure though but I keep on getting 20 mph with traffic.