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Should I run one or two RCA's


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February 2, 2002
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1998 Mountaineer AWD
I am currently looking for a new set of RCA's. I pinched the first ones off in the seat hinges, and the last set I snapped off :( . I am looking at the Stinger Hyper series, and the Stinger Bullet series. I was thinking of buying the 4 channel cables.
My question was would it better to run a single 4 channel cable and then good quality y connectors and a small. maybe 1.5 feet rca than 2 seperate 2 channel rca's? I am going to run 3 amps. One set of rca's goes to a 2-way crossover. The other will go to the sub amp. I am going to construct a new box in the near future and I'm not sure If I can get all the amps. and crossover on the same side.
Anyone run these cables? Any ideas on the 4 channel vs. 2 seperate 2 channels?