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Should I tighten these screws? (Pic)


December 14, 2011
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2001 Ford Explorer XLT
So I just noticed these two screws within my front-end and they are not screwed in all the way. They are out by about 1cm each. Should I just screw them back in and leave it a that? Unfortunately, I do not know what they are a part of!

See attached image!


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they hold your steering rack in place, tighten em up!, there's another one on the other end, make sure you put a socket on them, go through the cross member to do it


That what I figured. Thanks blueka!

They should have held on the power steering cooler IIRC...which I don't see at all.

Can anyone confirm that I am missing the power steering cooler? If so, does anyone know the part number?

Yes, you are missing it.

According to the information is:
Coil - Cooling
7Z-3D746-DA 4.0L
Replaced by: 5Z-3D746-BA

You'll also need new hoses to run to the cooler and return. I'm assuming you bought this used? Also, the part you linked to isn't very good. The tube and fin type coolers are the least efficient. Stacked plate coolers are far more efficient.

Thank you Obie for the great information. I did buy it used, I've had it for about a year and two months now. Never noticed it before. Nor have I had any problems with power steering, except that there is a small leak.

I would recommend to get one installed though. The cooler helps maintain your fluid life, especially during summer and high temp days, and keeps the fluid from becoming too hot and degrading steering performance and possible steering system damage. A hundred bucks can save you a couple hundred more down the line.