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Show off your LIFTED 3rd Gen

My project is starting soon. But their are quite a few 3rd gens on here with 6" of lift and 33's.


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I think there is already a thread for this in the 3rd gen section.

New pic's just to give you idea of the height rb lift and body lift my daughter Heather is now 5'8"


next to stock Jimmy

next to stock X

the day i got her

She really want's to drive it lol.

lots more to come.

Awesome ride! Wish that I lived in a free country - the People's Republic of Massachusetts only allows us 2 inches lift or drop :(

i absolutely need links to the things you bought to lift your ex. i hate 3rd gens, but its all i got and i need more clearance!!

3" Body lift: performance accessories 98-00 explorer ranger body lift kit. Will work for 2002-2005 explorers just some mods needed. see stickies at the top of the modified 2002-2005 forum

Strut Spacer lift: You can call Brandon at BTF Fabrication (909) 702-7462 to order them or you can buy the ones made by Truxx. See stickies at the top of the modified 2002-2005 forum

Hope that helps.

Nice I'm getting ready to lift mine 7" nice.

Here’s mine. 2002 XLS. 3” Body Lift, 2” Spacer Lift, with 265/75/16’s on 16X8 -6 rims, for a total of 6-1/2” of lift.

Here she is parked next to a stock Explorer.

This is how she look a month after I got the truck. I already added the pinstripes & window visors.

How much of a lift difference is a 265/70/17 to a 235/85/17 tire

A 265/70/17 tire is about 31.6 inches in diameter.

A 235/85/17 tire is about 32.7 inches in diameter.

That’s about 0.55”, or a 1/2” of lift.

Thanks I figured it but was not sure I'm using 245/70/16 now and wanted to change them