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Show some support for Ford

Opera House

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August 19, 2002
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Sure this isn't the righ place but have any you noticed you can buy Ford stock for under $6.75 a share the last couple of days. Anyone here think they are going to go out of business? A few years back the Wall Street Journal did a piece on the auto companies. If the companies spun off the non auto divisions, the actual auto and truck manufacturing, most had a negative valuation. Just a little tidbit for those who wonder why they don't make better cars! Anyway if you believe, this could be an investment opportunity.

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Buying stock isn't such a bad idea. I really like their new advertising campaign, of "If you haven't looked at Ford lately, look again." However, I don't know if their cars really deserve a second look. I'm a total Ford fan, but when you compare quality, has it really changed much?

I have owned MANY fords including 3 2gen Escorts(91,93,95), 2 Rangers, and my Mazda/X. A few minor problems aside, I have had a very good experience with Ford. In fact one of the Escorts I owned had 170,000 miles on it, and besides a lil blowby ran like a top! I realize that Mazda has a lot to do with the enginges/transmissions, but still I would say the quality has been outstanding.

I think their quality is fine, i think it's internal mismanagement that causes their problems.

Ford going out of business ?!?!?!?!?!

Not a chance. Never gonna happen

Just to let you know

I bought 1,000 shares on Monday, sold it the next day and made $900.

Thats some support

Well, Im not sure about how you supported Ford if you bought the stock and flipped it.

Good trade though.

Hard not to make money in the last week on the long side with the market up so much.

Good Luck

Re: Just to let you know

Originally posted by Opera House
I bought 1,000 shares on Monday, sold it the next day and made $900.

good move! congrats on the cash

I have also had good experience w/ Ford. My wife and I bought a 1994 Taurus w/ 40k on it and had it until 150K, had alot of little stuff go, but nothing major in the 6 years we had it. Turned out to be the cheapest transportation that we ever had.(tires, brakes and oil changes) That being said, we looked at buying a new Taurus to replace it, but the 2003 drove almost the same as the 94, the car just felt outdated compared to other sedans out there, not to mention the horrible depreciation factor. Will I buy another X when this one goes? If I buy another SUV, definately! If Ford seriously wants to compete in the sedan market though (don't count rental fleets), they need something fresh with new technology. Just my .02.

Buying shares of Ford does very little to help Ford. It only really helps shareholders. Ford made money when it originally sold the shares. That said, I read a small blurb on Ford's F series trucks in a magazine. They said if Ford spun off the F series trucks as a seperate company it would be a Fortune 100 company. Ford isn't going anywhere.