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Show's '90 Ranger James Duff 5.5" lift

Finnally got most of my parts for my Ranger. Just started the lift in the back. Still waiting for a few more things to start the front (i.e. D35 to get back from the shop, Warn manual hubs). Also on the list of waiting parts is a B&M shifter, trans cooler, 4.3 Atlas II. But enough of my chatter; bring on the pics!


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New James Duff heimed radius arms.


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Rear suspension mostly done. Waiting on UPS to deliver 8.8" U-bolts vice the 7.5" ones that came with the kit.


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Get er done, slacker

So thats the truck we heard so many storys about in Moab. Looks good man!

Oh boy, another cage customer..

tdavis said:
Oh boy, another cage customer..

You bet, I need one for our '88 Escort race car.

Got the right U-bolts in today so the rear is all done. Should be starting on the front this weekend hopefully. Tomorrow we have to work on Kevin's front end.


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Is that all spring, or is there lift blocks back there?

What did Kevin break now?

I see no blocks. I see a Explorer axle converted to spring over though! :)
I am guessing based on the color of the leafs, teh stickers and the plastic wrap on the pass side one, he got the Duff stage III kit with rear leafs.

There are one inch blocks on there. It is the new James Duff stage III 5.5" lift.

I didn't break anything, I just realized that my passenger side coil bucket is about 1 1/2 inches higher than the drivers side. Hence the sag to the right side and the right rear leaf being in much worse shape than the left side.

Here's the mostly finished rear end. Still need to bolt the bed back on and mount the bumper.


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I say romp that for a few days!

I would like to, but it doesn't have any front brakes.

Even more fun! E brake and rears only!

itty bitty tires, GREAT BIG LIFT.

What size tires/rims are you going for?

I'll be going with 33x12.50s on 15x8 rims.

Well got the entire front suspension cut out today. Started fitting in the the drop brackets and ran into some problems. The 4WD drop brackets that I have don't fit my cross member, so I talked to Steve at James Duff to exchange them with some 2WD drop brackets. However after looking on some Ranger sites for info, I found out the this still might not work as the 2WD TIB and 4WD TTB crossmembers are completely different. Between myself and Kevin the only solutions we've come up with so far is: 1) Find a 4WD TTB cross member to swap, 2) Do a frame swap, 3) make my existing crossmember work somehow.

If anyone has any suggestions, we'd like to here them. If any one has a good 4WD engine crossmember just laying around I could sure use it.


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With the truck leveled out it looks like I will have about 24" of clearance to the rocker panels and about 20" to the frame. Keep in mind that is with 29" tires on.

Also got my D35 back from the shop today.


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looks great, keep up with the pics.

so what does this new jd kit cost? there is still no info on there site

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I payed about $2150 after S&H and sales tax for the Stage 3 kit.

We are in the process of getting another crossmember now. We've already figured out how to modify the passenger drop bracket to work and came up with a plan to build on to the existing crossmember on the drivers side for that bracket.

I'll try and get more pics up when we get done for the day.