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Shudder at take off forward or reverse


August 26, 2006
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Finally traded my 1998 Explorer after 10 years - I had a great run out of it but the salt water had taken its toll on all the bearings. Traded up to a 2005 4.0L and I have had a it a couple of days. Noticing now it shudders at take off if I take off slow in forward or reverse. Does anyone have any ideas where I should look first other than the classifieds for a replacement.

I've felt this on occasion. For me, it's going straight, no turning. If I stop as soon as it happens and wait a couple seconds, then go, it doesn't reoccur.

It rarely happens to me, perhaps once a month or maybe every two months.

I'm not sure if it's transmission slip or related to the 4wd system. I'm worried that it's transmission related.

Does yours occur frequently?

Happens all the time at take off. I found the problem was in the LSD. Did a service on it and added teh friction modifier now no problem at all! Cheap fix!