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shutting off while driving

FWIW, I had problems with my Bronco2 dying only when coming to a stop (manual tranny, coasting to a stop)
turned out to be a bad O2 sensor.. and wasn't throwing the CEL

How strange. I have never heard of such a thing but when you think of it, it does talk to the brain and the brain controls all. Thanks for posting that, just another thing to test in the trouble shooting circut.

as was said previously, too... fuel pump. Had same problem in my B2 with that one, also. Truck would run fine, and out of nowhere sputter to a stop. Let it sit for a few minutes, and it would fire back up. But then a few minutes turned into a few hours. Replaced the in-line pump, no help. Replaced fuel filter, no difference. Replaced in-tank pump, problem gone.