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Shutting other peoples lights off


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April 8, 2013
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Salem, Oregon
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'99 Explorer Sport
So I was at the store a a little bit ago, and there was an old Ranger there, and the person left there lights on. I pondered if I should shut them off for them, but then second thought it, and didn't want him possibly seeing and thinking I was up to no good or something.

Then it reminded me, that my Dad used to do that all the time "back in the day"

Ultimately, I just left it. Now I feel bad, thinking that might have been an employee's vehicle and the lights could be on for hours and kill the battery.

So what do you guys think?
Do you shut peoples lights off for them, whenever possible?

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I shut lights off if they left the door unlocked. If its locked, whatever. IMO everyone should have jumper cables or a jumperbox

I'm with Brooklyn just to alert people. If it's a big store, they might be nice enough to use the PA, "Will the owner of...come to customer service."

It can be dangerous to mess with stuff that isn't your's (even if you're trying to help - some people are crazy).

Yeah in this day and age reaching into peoples cars is probably not a good idea.

Sadly :(

I shut someone's lights off juat last Saturday. We were moving my daughter out of her apartment, and I noticed a 85-ish F150 about halfway across the parking lot & it's lights were gradually getting dimmer.
So I decided that if it was unlocked, I would turn them off...and it was, so I did. :)

But these days, I definitely don't do it as often as I used to. Too many freaky people out there.