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Sick of your Sunroof leaking??


April 10, 2006
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94 XLT
well my sunroof starting leaking about 3 months ago i finally found out it was actually coming from where the rubber silicone ford put in is supposed to protect.

so to fix this you must remove your headliner before you remove the glass from your sunroof. then remove the turn knob that you use to make your sunroof go up and down. then you must remove that whole assembly by removing the 4 bolts on the top of the sunroof. then around the sunroof there is 4 shiny gold brackets one on each side you must remove the starbolts and remove the brackets. be careful as to the screws are old and you might find a snapper. after you have removed the brackets disconnect all 4 drains line out of each corner. now grab a utility knife and slightly pull up on your sunroof and cut the silicone that holds it in. do this all the way around your sunroof and it should pop right out.

now clean the body around the edges where the old silicone is. i found 3m general adhesive cleaner/remover worked pretty good and so did mineral spirits. also clean the sunroof for that i used a utility knife and a die grinder with a 3m pad. when you are finished prepping your 2 areas get some double sided tape and clear silicone rubber or rtv. now on the sunroof part you just cleaned up put a nice strip of double sided tape on the inner most edge all the way around. when you are finished with that grab your silicone and silicone around the double sided tape and dont be shy with the silicone. next this is the tricky part, place the sunroof in the car and have someone else put the shiny brackets back in and tighten all the bolts down. after all the bolts are tight some of your silicone prolly squeezed so clean it up and leave your car out of moisture/water for a couple hours. its not to hard me and my dad did it in an hour.
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I finely gave up and just silicone mine shut it looks good and doesn't leak and doesn't open. but I am happy.

cost 2.99
time 10 minets