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Side Mirror needs facelift


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May 24, 2010
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1992/2000 Explorer XLT
Any suggestions on how to start the facelift ? Has anyone done this before?


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On my 94 EB, I did a complete replacement - installed a new set I bought of eBay.
They were meant for a newer model (99, I think), are a little more round, and have the puddle lights built in.
I had to rewire the inputs for the power functions, and just wired the puddle light into the light mounted in the door.

Really happy with the results.

I found brand new Ford mirrors for 1st gens on Ebay. I replaced mine.
To paint old ones though requires sanding them smooth & then painting.

You could paint them with the rubberized undercoating and not have to sand them smooth. Im just saying that because I just painted my entire truck with it.

Mine looked the same. I just scrubbed em clean with laquer thinner, masked em off with tape and newspaper, and spray painted them with automotive semi-gloss black from the auto parts store. They look pretty damn good now!