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Side View Mirror Replacement


July 25, 2010
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Las Vegas, NV
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Need to replace my passenger side view mirror. Mechanic quoted $140 for labor, and can't afford that so need to do it myself. Anyone know how? Thanks


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start by removing the interior door panel by 2 screws on the bottom and you'll have to pop out the plastic piece behind the handle, lift up and then out, you will then have to remove the wiring harness from the window controls, then you will reveal the bolts for the mirror. remove these and there should be a wire to disconnect, to replace just reverse the steps
good luck :salute:

$140 for a 10 min job!? where can I get one of those! lol
As stated above, you just need to take off the door panel and take off 3 nuts, then just disconect the plug and take the whole mirror off, 10-15 mins tops

Thanks for the detailed instructions, 93, and for the link, Rondo. And Jad, now that I've found out how easy it is and how long it takes, I can't believe the mechanic was gonna rip me for that much money. Good thing I didn't skip on lunch at work for his 15 minutes, lol

Update: Installed the side view mirrors myself. Saved me $280, and only took 40 minutes total. If anyone needs help, let me know.

Also, I've been reading through the forums and need some clarification. I know that the 4th Gen mirrors fit on 3rd gen, but do the aviator ones do, too? Which, in your opinion, is better?

Kudos to this write up for 4th gen install:

Congrats on a job well done! :biggthump

Thank you! It was the first step of my great endeavor to begin modifying my Mounty!