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Sierras/Tahoe run!


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Ok, the truck will be ready for another run in a week.

I'd like to visit some place cool (weather wise). Anyone up for hwy4, hwy88 area run?

I'd like to go on a Sunday, July 22nd. Saturday is also possible; Let me know which is better for you guys!

We would be playing up near Bear Valley Ski Resort. Some of the trails I'd like to try are Slick Rock, Sourgrass Valley, Corrol Hollow, and Deer Valley.

The only trail a stock Explorer 4x4 could have problems on is deer valley; and that's near the entrance on hwy 4 (some rock crawling). After that, it's an old mining road.

And yes, anyone can come. No need to ask; just show up! (or at least, ask for a meeting place/time.)

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This is one of the trails I'd like to run:

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Anyone? anyone?


ah!!!!!!!!gotta miss this one too, the truck isnt legal enough

Well Tom,
I hope you're having fun up in the Serrias, while I'm at work slaving away. You're gonna have to show me where this place is. They changed my work days to Sunday to Thurdsay, so if you have any future trips, please see if you can make them on Friday and Saturdays, or at least on Saturday.
Don't forget the pictures!

Sorry to hear that Ray.

I decided since nobody replied, (even saying hey, wrong day!), and I got try #2 on the trackbar mount done, to go for broke.

Literally. :)

So, off the to the rubicon I went. Decided Bassi Falls trail first, as a warm up/test run (easy run, some flexing, stockers can do it..)

Had no problems, except for one guy in a toyota, wanting me to bring the truck to the ford dealership in placerville he works at for work/parts.. :)

After, went upto loon lake, and decided to go from loon to ellis creek, and then out via Lake McKinstry (?).

Some pics at

The loon lake entrance is getting pretty chewed up! Also, found the trail that goes into the bottom of the granite bowl. Now that's gnarly! Wasn't going to do that one without a spotter..

Anytime you want to try these hwy-4 trails, just holler. I can easily go on a saturday (it will however be a long day - it's about 3hrs there from Oakland, and another 3hrs back.) I actually prefer to drive back in the dark, because then you don't have the sun shining in your eyes.

Oh, and the trackbar bracket mount? Looks like we've got it a winner! :smoke:

Tom -

It's a good flex shot of your new 44. I went down to Hollister on Saturday 'cus I was itching for a little wheeling. Saw BAExplorer down there with his girlfriend and another couple. BAExplorer thought you may be down there also since you didn't get any response for the Sierra/Tahoe run.

I saw a bunch of people with J*** and one Toyoda Land Cruiser from Advance Adapters, running Atlass II. It sure looks sweet the way they were able to roll over the rocks. One guy went over the frame twister at idle. Glad to say I was able to go over the frame twister with only a scrap of the tow hitch. Tom - It wasn't as bad as when you went over it a few weeks ago from your pictures.

Ray - I can't wait to see your rig in action with the Atlas II.

The No-Slip performed flawlessly, worth every penny.

sorry tom...i didn,t see your post untill the night before i went down to hollister:( . it was nice seeing you out there kvo,sunday i took frank through some fun flexing,he got a little scared when his rear tire was about two feet off the ground.anyway ,tom lets try to get some more guys together and do a run maybe the lats weekend of august???? i want to do the serras again and make it back with my own truck :D. talk to ya all later

Some pick a date, and we'll go up and visit these trails in the sierra's.

I'm headed out of town for labor day (CCR), so before that is best.

Also, for RayL's pleasure, we'll even make it a Saturday. :)

:rolleyes:ok tom,how about the 18th of august??.anyone else up for that date?it,s a saturday....... im ready for some action

Thanks BAExploder. It was good seeing you and Lisa again, although I didnn't recognize your new rig at first. I had you pictured with the red X and when I saw you and the white X, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.

Long day trips are not good for me at all so I won't be able to go with you guys.

I might be able to do a run on the 18th up in the sierras. i am supose to be moving back to fresno around the 10th and then might go run the dusy the 12th or so if I can get a group together or join a group that is going. If I don't break I may be up for doing a run somewhere in the sierras.