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Silver Lake Sand Dunes Aug


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May 31, 1999
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Just wanted to let everyone know that the Michigan Chapter of F-150 World is heading out to Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Mears, MI once again. (Though, regretfully, I doubt Matt Adams will be making the drive for this one! Of course, you're invited, Matt!) The weekend will be the 24th and 25th of August. I'm planning on heading out there the 23rd and camping someplace for the weekend (not sure exactly where yet).

Hope some of you can make it!


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Joe, if you can talk the kitty into showing up again I'll be there, LOL j/k. Seriously, I probably won't make this trip but hey ya never know... I do have some vacation time I gotta use up.

About how far is it from Chicago?

as I recall I was driving through Chicago about 11pm and got into Michigan in our meeting town (about 30 minutes from the actual silver lake) at about 6am, that was after a 1 1/2 hour nap and a wrong turn, not sure how long it really is, LOL.

lol, well, according to there website, it's about 220 miles from Chicago, so I'll most likely make it.